General Practice Areas

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Corporate Law and General Counsel Services to Foreign and Domestic Start-Up and Established Businesses

Goodman Law provides corporate services to its clients, including addressing corporate governance and decision management issues. In the capacity of corporate counsel, the firm has provided external counsel services to new enterprises that need to develop governing documents, including operating and shareholder agreements. As general counsel to more established clients, Goodman Law has become the “go to” for legal advice on a range of corporate, intellectual property, employment and immigration issues. It has also developed the capacity to develop problem solving strategies where crisis management is required. The firm has cultivated relationships with a host of specialists and specialty firms that can be enlisted to help provide clients strategic advice where required. For investors interested in starting enterprises in the U.S., Goodman law has demonstrated the capacity to handle the corporate and immigration sides of a transaction. For example, Goodman law has successfully structured companies and developed documentation to support treaty investor visa applications.

Domestic and International Commercial Transactions

In addition to providing advice to clients concerning internal corporate issues, the firm also has wide raging experience in drafting licensing, asset purchases and sale, and distribution contracts. It also has experience developing documentation for private placements, but would generally enlist the assistance of one of its specialty firms to help engage in monitoring the due diligence phases of these types of transactions. More commonly, Goodman Law assists foreign businesses in the negotiation and development of their agreements in the United States.

Employment Law

Goodman law has extensive experience in addressing employment and related human resources issues, including the drafting and monitoring of employment contracts, developing internal grievance procedures, managing employee risks, and providing specialty advice to businesses operating in sectors at high risk of labor audits. Goodman Law’s ability both to provide advice on labor as well as immigration issues can allow clients to develop a more holistic view to their management of employment-related risks.

Intellectual Property Law

Goodman law has provided clients trademark prosecution services and is engaged in managing trademark and copyright portfolios of clients. Goodman Law has also provided clients regular advice regarding trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection issues. Goodman law has networking relationships with a range of IP specialists in the patent, copyright, trademark, and e-commerce areas to assist with larger projects.

Export Law

Goodman Law, in association with Lawtelier LLP, provides a range of legal services for exporters including providing advice concerning the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and EU export regulations. The development of this new practice area in association with the Italian corporate firm Lawtelier Avvocati Associati, based in Milan, Italy, rounds out Goodman’s Law ability to address most issues regarding the cross-border movement of people, goods and services.

Litigation Management and Appeals

After over 20 years of providing general commercial litigation services, the firm is restricting this service to select cases and focusing more on appellate work in the State and Federal courts. Goodman Law’s focus, in this latter regard, is on cases involving complex jurisdictional and procedural issues that relate to cross-border transactions.