The Goodman Law Advantage

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One of Goodman Law’s greatest strengths is its range across many legal areas and multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.

Goodman Law works with entrepreneurs to help them structure, incorporate, and develop internal controls for their businesses. Additionally, the firm can provide a full range of immigration and commercial law services to established businesses to help them grow and develop into the U.S. domestic market and abroad.

Enhancing its ability to provide foreign clients this comprehensive range of legal services, Goodman Law follows an alternative business model that encourages collaborations between it and other small law firms that concentrate in specific legal areas. As the result of this inter-firm collaboration model, Goodman Law can provide legal support as comprehensive and sophisticated as law firms many times its size, but at a much lower cost than the traditional law firm.

In one case, involving a foreign bank client, Goodman Law, in collaboration with two solo-law practices, was successful in staying a New York arbitration proceeding, which saved the foreign client from having to engage in a costly litigation in the U.S., and, furthermore, defended that stay-order successfully on appeal. Not only was the litigation successfully completed at a fraction of the cost that the foreign client likely would have incurred using a more traditional law firm, but the litigation was completed within 18 months, much better that the three to five-year average litigation life-cycle.

Goodman Law has also been retained by law firms on specialized projects. For example, Goodman Law was retained by a larger, mid-sized firm, based in Manhattan, to help it with a case that involved complex international, jurisdictional issues. It has also been retained by firms to assist them in rendering corporate and litigation advice involving foreign clients and foreign law questions. The firm’s principal lawyer, Robert Ian Goodman, Esq, has worked over the last 20 years in the corporate/litigation area, and since its founding in 2000, Goodman Law has provided general counsel services to start-up enterprises and small businesses. It has also provided consulting services to U.S. based businesses, which do not have the resources to employ in-house legal staffs. The objective of all Goodman Law’s efforts on behalf of its clients is to help them reduce the risks of operating in the U.S. and abroad while preparing them to meet aggressively the challenges that will inevitably confront them as they build their businesses.